Ardis Multiverse is a new multisensory imprint created by René Kladzyk of Ziemba. For now, it exists physically in the form of incenses created to refract and transform the sonic spaces of Ziemba’s musical releases.  LALA is the first official Ardis Multiverse release, a kyphi-style pellet incense accompanied by download code, although this is the second Ziemba release that has been accompanied by a sound fragrance.  

The ultimate goal of Ardis Multiverse is function as a creative alliance and synesthetic platform for artists and renegades.  It critically engages with the nature of musical artifact in the digital age, considering the interconnection of the senses and the infinite web of sensory modes for music to be touched, smelled, seen, and appreciated.

If you would like to be part of Ardis Multiverse, please contact